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Clean with the power of nature!

Chemical Free, 100% Natural, Organic Cleaning Products With Eco-Benefits.

Show your Hotel’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.

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numbers don’t lie:


Less Water Used


Cleaning Efficiency


Lower Cost

“As a janitorial service provider, we strive to provide excellent service and that includes using green cleaning products that effectively clean but without the harsh chemicals that are harmful to our staff and people that work in or visit the buildings that we clean. EQS products align beautifully with our goals and cleaning methodology. Their Bio based products enable us to provide aseptic janitorial services without adding harmful pollutants to the environment!”

David Han, MBA, MS

Revolutionize Your Hospitality Cleaning with EQS’s Sustainability Program

Eco Quality Solutions is excited to showcase our new cleaning product supply chain. To contribute to a more sustainable planet, EQS and its manufacturing partner, Probiotec BV, have developed a plan to produce and transport cleaning products in the most sustainable way possible, starting now. This solution is specifically designed for the hospitality industry.

Overall, this product sustainability program offers numerous advantages, ranging from improved sustainability to minimized resource consumption. We are excited about the positive impact it will have on both our operations and the environment.

  • N Transport (for some products) up to 95% less water
  • N Cardboard packaging is produced from 90% recycled paper
  • N 70% less plastics used because of the usage of bags
  • N 20% less transport space needed
  • N No waste by using a dosing valve
  • N Save money, eliminate waste, and make training easy with EQS All-In-One dispenser system
  • N Empty refillable 500mL recyclable PP bottles with sprayers
  • N Sustainability benefits overall

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

N Rapid cleaning effect, cleaning efficiency >99.997% (lab tested).
N 100% biobased, non-toxic, natural & biodegradable; vegan.
N Safe for children, the elderly, and our pets.
N Dermatologist tested and approved.
N Neutralizes all major harmful bacteria, microbes, germs and viruses.
N Significantly reduces health risks of all kinds.
N Reduces risk of waterborne diseases and skin infections.
N Reduces risk of immune system infertility.
N Non-Irritant, non-allergic and non-abrasive. Suitable for all skin types.
N Offers residual after-protection lasting hours or days after application.
N Free of preservatives, phthalates, phosphates, chlorides, carcinogens.
N GMOs, sulfates, and endocrine disruptors. Completely free of PFASs.
N Free of toxic PBT, vPvB, PMT and vPvM substances, pesticides and VOCs.
N Free of 1,4 Dioxanes.
N Free of palm oil and artificial coloring additives.
N No greenhouse gas emissions.

Probiotic Cleaning – Nature’s Answer

ECO QUALITY SOLUTIONS LLC® (EQS®) is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) based in Southern California, with satellite offices in Arizona & Wisconsin, that imports and distributes environmentally-conscious business supplies, agricultural supplies & consumer packaged goods (CPGs).

EQS® specializes in added-value Microbial-Based Cleaning Products (MBCPs) with active probiotics for household, industrial and institutional use. Our green products are not only free of artificial/synthetic ingredients and toxic chemicals but also offer better residual efficacy or after-protection.

EQS® probiotic-enriched cleaning solutions are manufactured in the Netherlands according to the highest safety, health and environmental standards by our Dutch partner, ProBiotec® BV.

During our call, we’ll explore the following key points:

  • N Understanding Your Specific Needs
  • N Exploring Product Features and Benefits
  • N Cost-Effectiveness and ROI
  • N Testimonials and Success Stories
  • N Customization and Implementation Process